Monday, August 17, 2009


I know this is cliche and everybody does it but I'm going to do it anyway.

Neoprene booties 30 dollars
Neoprene gloves 25 dollars
Smartwool socks 15 dollars
North Face base layer 40 dollars
Protec Helmet 70 dollars
Lotus Designs PFD 190 Dollars
Level Six Dry Suit 600 Dollars

Being comfortable in 40 degree water...



Anisa said...

What a geek!

Lucashell said...

Logan your a four letter word that starts with "D".

Lucashell said...

Since Geek and Dork where used I am going to go with so NERDY!

Jessie said...

That is funny. You look hot! ;)

Moe said...

Good luck on your trip... to the moon!?!

Ron and Debbie said...

Three jellious people, and one smart one. I talked to deanne, and she said if you get cold easy, she would definately recommend a dry suit. The water is 48 degrees, and that time of year you don't see much sun.