Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Grand Culmination

Here are some pictures of the Grand Canyon Rafting Trip, They Should be in order of the trip.

Camp sites along the river

Marble canyon bridges

Vasey's Paradise

124 Mile Rapid

The Little Colorado River

Hance Rapid

Upper Granite George

South Rim

South Rim

Boat Beach at Phantom Ranch with the Kiabab Bridge

Scouting Crystal Rapid (What did we get ourselves into?)

Deer Creek Falls

Deer Creek Falls

Narrows above Deer Creek Falls

Deer Creek Spring

On the river

Boat flip in Bedrock rapid

Last Chance Camp

Havasupi Canyon

Grand Canyon above Torroweap

On the River

My Brother bombing a hole in Lava Falls

Nervous Brother

Trying to Row

Diamond Peak at the End of the Trip