Personal Packing List

When packing it is important to consider that there is limited space on the rafts so pack light, but bring what you want so you can enjoy the trip.

Life Jacket:  These must be a class 3 or 5 paddling vest.  We have some, but the responsibility for you getting one is yours, not ours.  There are many places to purchase life jackets both locally (Sportmans) and online (See links on the side).   

Dry River Bag: This is to keep your gear dry while it is on the raft.  We do have some that we could loan you, but it encouraged to buy your own they are useful. (See links above to find them)

Tent: Bring a smaller tent that you can fit in comfortable and preferably one that is easy to set up and take down.

Sleeping bag:  Suited for the trip conditions. You shouldn’t need a real warm on in June we mostly just sleep on top of them if its warm.

Sleeping pad:  smaller ones are better, like a therma-rest, we don’t want big mattress designed for a house. It needs to fit in your dry bag.

Men’s Clothing and Women’s Clothing
            Note river water is brown and ruins white clothes.

2 swimsuits: Most women find a sports top & swim shorts most convenient.
1 pair long quick-drying pants: Zip-off, convertible pants work very well, and save space by doubling one pair of shorts and pants.  These are good to bring to keep bugs off your legs. 
1 Pair of quick drying shorts: most of us bring board shorts and wear them all the time
3 lightweight, quick-drying shirts:
1 long-sleeved quick drying shirt: Good for sun and insect protection
Lightweight, comfortable camp clothing: Women may want to consider a sarong. They’re a great swimsuit cover-up and create a fun way to "dress up" a bit in camp.
Most of us just wear swim suits all the time, but it’s nice to have some light clothes to sleep in and hang around camp in. 
Moisture-wicking underwear & socks:
Sturdy sport sandals and/or shoes that can get wet, dry quickly and are sturdy enough for hiking: (Please make sure your shoes or sandals are broken in and that you bring socks in case of blisters.)
Lightweight fleece jacket: Good for nights and mornings or to wear under rain gear in cooler weather.
Rain poncho or equivalent: Incase it rains. It can rain on trips and the water and wind can make you cold.  You can get an emergency poncho for cheap and they work great.
Sun hat: with security draw cord or hat clip to attach to life jacket or shirt. Women should also consider a headband. These work well to control hair in windy weather.

Personal Travel Accessories

Plenty of Waterproof sun block: and sunscreen lip balm (a must)
After sun body lotion: With Aloe Vera or similar after-sun ingredients
Soap and shampoo in small bottles: Body wash and a shower poof works well because, you’re less likely to drop it in the river.
Sport water bottle or hydration system for hikes: Be sure to bring a small
carrying case or fanny pack if you choose a water bottle.
Headlamp or flashlight & extra batteries: Headlamp recommended.
Insect repellant: Small container.
Sunglasses with retainer: Bring cheaper ones we loose them a lot.
Camera and carrying case or accessory bag: (NOTE: online post-trip photo
sharing will be available for those with digital images. Be sure we have your
correct email address on file so we can email your login information after your
trip.) You may also want to take some disposable waterproof cameras.
Small camp pillow  or just a pillow case (stuff it with your fleece jacket, or a towel, or clothes...)
Carabiner(s): (perfect for keeping personal items and water bottles nearby)
Toiletry Kit: with essential items
Feminine hygiene products:
Small towel and washcloth:
Disposable moist towelettes:
Toothbrush & toothpaste:
Small pack of tissue:
Personal medications:
Cash, credit card and photo ID:  

Optional Items

Neoprene or nylon gloves: These neoprene or nylon gloves will help protect your hands while gripping ropes on the boat which can often be rough and sandy.
Area guide book and/or river map:
Pen and paper or small journal or notebook:
Marker to label drinks: Consider wrapping a couple feet of duct tape around your pen or marker. This works great to fix broken sandal straps, luggage handles or for any other unexpected repairs.
A few clothespins and small piece of rope for drying clothes: