What the Weather is Like

Be prepared for hot (75-115 F degrees) weather during June, July, and August. You can expect cooler temperatures (55-90 F degrees) during April, May, September, and October. August is usually the wettest month (short-lived but intense thunder showers). A good quality rain suit (pants and jacket with hood) will keep you comfortable during stormy weather.

About Fishing

Catfish are plentiful in the Green and Upper Colorado Rivers. There are some trout in the Colorado below Glen Canyon Dam. If you bring a rod, please choose a compact backpacker model. A license is required.

What Risks Are Involved

Our river adventures take place in rugged, remote "wilderness" settings. You should be in good general health to participate. Non-swimmers can go.

About Age Limitations

For Grand Canyon and high water Cataract Canyon trips, we suggest a minimum age of 12 years. On other runs, the limit is 8 years of age. However, children as young as six have done well on the Desolation Canyon trip. Ask yourself, what kind of previous camping experience has the child had? Use your considered judgment on the child's preparedness. On the other end, folks well into their 60's have floated with us. 
What Is Included in the Trip Price
We furnish all food, eating utensils, You bring your personal clothing. Some pre- and post-trip transportation, accommodations, meals, and camping gear are included for certain trips. Trip prices do not include boatman gratuities.
We supply plenty of drinking water, lemonade, breakfast drinks, etc., on each trip. Please bring your own canned beer or soft drinks (maximum two cans per person, per day on the oar-powered Grand Canyon trips). If you bring liquor, please transfer it into plastic bottles. Beer and soft drinks may be purchased before your trip.