Monday, April 19, 2010

Moab / West Water Trip

So since none of us drew out on any of the lottery draws. I decided to call in for a West Water permit and I got one to launch on Saturday the 19th of June. West Water canyon is a short trip you can do the stretch in about 2 - 4 hrs depending on the flow. Also this is probably the wildest day trips in Utah and is not recommended for small children must be at least 10. We have been down this stretch of river twice and had some problems at higher flows above 14,000 cfs, but at 9,000 cfs the ride was quite calmer, still fun though. I only reserved 9 spots it costs $7 per person and you have to give the amount in advance. I only reserved 9 because our paddle raft holds about 9 and I didn't want to be stuck with a huge bill and I haven't had much interest so far.

Sydney and I plan on leaving here early the morning of the 17th to head to Moab to float and camp along the Colorado river just north of town there is a 9 mile stretch of river that has calmer rapids called the Fisher Towers or Moab daily run. We personally have not been on this stretch of river and want to see how good it is. There is no permit required and we can take as many as want to go down this part of the river. Children as young as 4 can go, but we only have 2 youth life jackets. We plan on doing at least one run on Thursday and one maybe 2 on Friday.

The trip will cost 50 - 75 bucks per person depending on the amount of people and how much gas we use. Everyone who goes will share the cost of food, Gas, and Permits. There will also be a pack and clean up fee for those who go and don't help with packing or cleaning up. The extra fee will be 5 bucks for packing and 5 bucks for cleaning depending on which ones you show up for, the times will be posted. this money will go to buying more gear that we need like oars and life jackets. FYI Just to do one trip down West Water would run $160 a person and a trip down the Moab Daily would be 50 per person and that's not including getting yourself to Moab. So if you think $75 for 3 days of rafting is expensive you're welcome to go with a commercial outfitter.

Anybody is welcome to come just let me now as soon as possible.

Also those that plan on going down West Water I would like the $7 before the 1st of May to reserve your spot.

Also if you have any other questions check out the other pages to this blog listed above.