Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sau Jaun Trip Cost

So I think that I have figured out the budget for the trip down the San Juan River in June. It will be about $190.00 per person divided 5 ways now if we add the other 2 roll overs it would be about $175.00 because of the additional gas and such.

Now the one Shuttle service I have priced so far is $350.00
Gas for my car will be about $150.00 so it would be cheaper to take a second car
There might be a way that we could take 2 vehicles and go a day earlier and get away from this but I'm not sure if we will have room to fit everyone and the gear.
the permits with be a total of $136.00 for the BLM and the Navajo
food for 7 people for a 5 day trip I over estimate at $320.00

which brings the total cost to about $950.00 give or take.

The Menu

So far this is the list of peeps I have coming.
My Wife
My Brother
My Nephew
My Friend

and two roll overs
My Father
My Cousin

that's only 7 if my nephew goes with the roll overs I will have room for one more.

So those of you that are coming the trip is about a month of way so start sending you monies my way.