Friday, April 25, 2008

Great Idea!

I have this great idea for the Grand Canyon Trip. A lot of you out there think it's going to be to cold. I myself have worried a little bit about it being cold but only about being able to wash myself and not frezzing to death. Some of you might know that Lucas and Shellie had a little camp water heater to help heat you water and take a shower with. Needless to say it wasn't the best but it was better than nothing. Well I have been looking on line for something better. I wanted to get a better pump becase that was one of the things that was wrong with it now pressure and low flow.

I found a hand water pump (guzzler 400H)that will pump water at a rate of up tp 8 gallons per minute. it will hook up to a garden hose. I think it will work so we can pump the water right out of the river.

Then I found a portable water heater the (eccotemp L5) that has 35,000 btu capasity. it said it will raise that water temp from 40 to 85 at a rate of 1.4 gpm. I think if we got these to things we could have some good showers on the river trips even if the water is cold. Now wouldn't that be great, Ladies? - Logan.