Friday, April 25, 2008

Great Idea!

I have this great idea for the Grand Canyon Trip. A lot of you out there think it's going to be to cold. I myself have worried a little bit about it being cold but only about being able to wash myself and not frezzing to death. Some of you might know that Lucas and Shellie had a little camp water heater to help heat you water and take a shower with. Needless to say it wasn't the best but it was better than nothing. Well I have been looking on line for something better. I wanted to get a better pump becase that was one of the things that was wrong with it now pressure and low flow.

I found a hand water pump (guzzler 400H)that will pump water at a rate of up tp 8 gallons per minute. it will hook up to a garden hose. I think it will work so we can pump the water right out of the river.

Then I found a portable water heater the (eccotemp L5) that has 35,000 btu capasity. it said it will raise that water temp from 40 to 85 at a rate of 1.4 gpm. I think if we got these to things we could have some good showers on the river trips even if the water is cold. Now wouldn't that be great, Ladies? - Logan.


Jessie said...

It would be nice, but the true joy of camping out is having to take cold baths in the river. Maybe I'll agree more when I've experienced it myself.

Lucashell said...

I hope you are rich, so you can afford all that stuff. They do have better water heaters then the one we got, but more money. Have we figured out what we are doing for this years trip so we know when to take off work?

Ron & Debbie said...

The water in the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon is 46 degrees year around. To jump into that river in August when it is 110 degrees takes your breath away, and turns your body blue. Bathing in side streams isn't allowed any time of year so the river is the only option. Some people use the black solar shower bags, and showered in their swim suits. Personally I was planning on sponge baths with a small amount of warmed up water. This idea of Logan's may work great if it's not too expensive.

Anisa said...

I also have that tent shower thing we can use as well... the privacy is nice.