Saturday, May 31, 2008

Painting Spree

Paddle Oar Die, oh yeah!
Over Memeorial Day Weekend we painted the rafts sky blue with Gaco-Flex raft paint. This paint adds rubber to your raft to improve the life and over all dexterity of the rafts.
This weekend I painted the sweet Paddle Oar Die logo on the side so now we will be floating in style.

Some day I want to get T-Shirts made that have paddle oar die on them. I have a cool idea to use a skull and cross bones design but with an oar and a paddle as the cross bones. If any body can help me with this let me know I'm not that good with photo shop.

1 comment:

Liberty Williams said...

Looks good!!! I'm jealous I can't be there to float down the river with everyone. Have fun floating in style!