Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Last Call!!

Hi everybody.

This is the last call to get your spot on the Desolation Canyon Trip. I'm going to call in with the total over spring break that's the 17th of March.

Here's the list I have of who is going and paid for the trip.

Ron, Lucas, Logan, and Sydney Blake. Klint York. Cash, Flint, and Jesse Williams. Mark of Steve Reagan. Pam Christensen.

Let me know if you still want to go we have room.

The trip will be from June 12th through the 18th.

Thanks. - Logan


Lucashell said...

Aaron it would not be that bad of trip for you to make.


Jessica Williams said...

Hey, I was just wondering if you could put the exact dates that we are going to be on the river, and what days we will need to get off for work. Thanks!

Sydney & Logan said...

You're so silly Logan. I love you.

Liberty Williams said...

Who is Pam??? Is that the same Pam that Sydney wants to set Cash up with??? If so that should be exciting...

Lucashell said...

After this river trip is over and Logan can focus better he needs to start posting stuff about the grand canyon river trip everyone has diffrent stories!

Jessie said...

You should put a countdown clock on the blog like the one I have on mine so that we know how soon it really is till the river trip!