Sunday, September 20, 2009

I love My Wife

As you all know I have made a couple of T-shirts in the past. My Wife and I were at Sportsman's yesterday and I saw a T-shirt that I just had to rip off. only it said fishing of course. So I designed a shirt for all of the husbands that are oppressed by their wives about leaving them for a few days for a trip. And here it is.
If anybody wants one let me know I'll add your moola to the order, they're about 20 bucks.


Lucashell said...

How about this one:

"I am marride to a Blake Rafting saves my Marriage"!

Cool Shirt!

Anisa said...

Shellie, Married... you need to learn how to spell that word.

And as far as I knew, I didn't think that the women married to Blakes got a choice in whether their husbands got to go rafting or not. It's a good thing I'm not married to a Blake. And for the record, Ryan had my permission to go rafting... it was his choice to not go.

Lucashell said...

Umm.. yes after I had Published my Comment I noticed I spelled it wrong. I was to lazy to delete it and spell it again!