Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good Bye Lucky Hooters Hat

In our last adventure we went to the Hells Canyon where they have big white water and Class IV to V rapids. Granite Rapid, one of the biggest rapids on the river, took my pride along with my lucky Hooter's hat, which incidentally is no longer lucky. My poor wife had to be rescued because she can't swim, but we all ended up okay and nobody was hurt. I want to give a shout out to all the tour jet boats that didn't help us with our flipped over raft, other than to tells us that there was a bear close by on our side of the river. Thank you so much!


Anisa said...

Those are the kind of trips that make rafting exciting!!! Glad everyone was okay. Thanks for saving Sydney.

Lucashell said...

Hey we know your boat flipped over and we could totally help but we won't cause I got a bunch of grandma's in my boat. Also there is a bear in the bushes and will eat you cause it is very mean. C-you down at the bottom and good luck.

Ron and Debbie said...

Tanner thought the flip was awesome, and wanted to do it again.
My biggest concern, after I saw Logan headed to Sydney. Was to get on the raft grab the oar and get the raft to the others. I started untieing the oar and they were all there and the raft was going into shore, but we got Sydney on top first.

Melvin said...

This picture looks great ...

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