Sunday, June 14, 2009

Final Count

I need a final count of who's going with us to Hells Canyon.

This who I have.

My Wife
Little Buddha
The Ogden
Ogden Buddy 1
Ogden Buddy 2

That's about 6 rafters and 3 kayakers.

We're thinking of bringing up 2 rafts that should be plenty of room for gear for an over night trip.

I would like confirmation on those planning on going.

Also the Shuttle is going to be 150 per vehicle so we would like to keep the number of cars to a minimum. I was thinking that the rafters could take one and the kayakers another and each pay for their own shuttle.

Post some comments let me know what you think.


Chicken or Pig said...

There are 2 kayakers for sure. There are 2 others showing interest and I said they would have to let me know by wednesday. we will be able to fit into one vehicle and would just pay for our shuttle fee.

What is the food and permit expense?
Where and when do you want to meet ?

do you want to invite more people for the rafts?
Looking forward to the trip.
Thank you for the invite


Paddle Oar Die Rafting said...

No, I think we're good with people on the rafts. There's no permit expense as far as I can tell at least they haven't asked for one. We haven't figured the food out yet, comment any ideas on what we should bring.

Melvin said...

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