Sunday, December 23, 2007

Money Questions

I have been asked recently what the 25 dollars is for. At the time of calling in, I need to pay for all the people reserving to go. I want the 25 dollars before calling so that if someone backs out they're out the 25 dollars and not the people still going. If by slim chance that I don't get the permit, I will refund the 25 dollars to all the people who gave it to me.

I still need money from:

Shellie, and who ever else would like to join us. The date is coming up, I have to call in on January 8th. If you don't have your spot reserved with the 25 dollars, sorry, but you won't be attending this trip.


Jessica Williams said...

I have my money for you, I left it at Cash's place so next time you see Cash or libby tell them to give you the check!!!

Me & My BOYS said...

Just so you know, I'm pretty sure Chad and Melissa's family aren't going. They said they would be in Chicago at that time.