Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Desolation Canyon

Hi Everybody

I'm planning a trip this June to run the Green River through Desolation Canyon.

I haven’t called in to get a permit yet, but I'm planning on getting one to launch on June 8th. Plan on needing June 7 -13 off of work or other things, as this is a 5 day trip. The permit costs 25 dollars per person and I would like this money from you to reserve your spot prior to calling in(Thanksgiving weekend would be ideal). EVERYONE IS INVITED! We can accommodate up to 16 persons that includes children. This has been a favorite run of ours. The 25 dollar fee does not include sharing the fuel and food costs.

People reserved so far:

Ron (paid)
Logan (paid)
Sydney (paid)
Lucas (paid)
Cash (unpaid)
Flint (unpaid)
Mark (unpaid)
Jesse (unpaid)
Klint (unpaid)


Me & My BOYS said...

Very creative title. I want a picture that has me in it on the site.


Me & My BOYS said...

When is the date for the Grand Canyon trip? YOu should put that on there too.

Liberty Williams said...

You should call Cash and let him know since he isn't into the whole internet thing...And I want to go down the Grand Canyon!!! I was going to talk to Uncle Ron over Thanksgiving - do I need to go through you?

lucashell said...

Logan Put Shellie and Lucas Down - I e-mailed Debbie to see if she will babysit for me..So I can go with you guys!!!

someone said...

Logan, I am trying for some Idaho and Wyoming Trips or Ladore or Yampa or somewhere Northwest. I'm looking for a Mountain River Trip with Bears and Fish. Fill your Trip up with people wanting a Great First River Experience Thanks Josh

Me & My BOYS said...

Thanks for the pic. That may be the only trip I go in since Lucas & Shellie always take my baby sitter.

lucashell said...
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lucashell said...

Since we have had Legz we have barley used Debbie. If we counted we could use her a ton more times to catch up to you. But I think it is just an excuse because you have all of Ryans Family to help you. We only have your mom to help us, so if she is not available I cannot go. I don't trust my family to watch legacy - Logan knows what I am talking about!!!

Jessica Williams said...

I'll go on a river trip if Sydney goes, and not a really long one either.

Jessica Williams said...

I'm really thinking about going on this one. When do you need to know for sure?